Saturday, May 17, 2014

Whiskey, Karaoke & Souther Salazar Art

I've been venturing out into Portland (PDX) to make new friends and see new things.  This past week, I went to a whiskey tasting at a Karaoke Bar, Voicebox.  I actually came for the Karaoke with designers and creative folks.  But I was happily surprised by the whiskey and the artwork.

The Compass Box Whiskey Company hosted the whiskey tasting.  I am no lush, but I don't mind tasting and trying new things, so tried a few.  I had no idea that whiskey could be so delicious.  Some of them tasted more like dessert wines they were so sweet.  Others were deeply smokey and seductive. I'd honestly wouldn't mind buying a bottle and slowly sipping it straight up on the rocks.

When everyone had some whiskey in their veins, we started singing.  I wasn't sure what song to choose to sing among total strangers.  It would have to be something that would be enjoyed by all---or at least a few folks more than myself.  I decided on a Beetles song.  When "Twist & Shout" came on, I was ready to sing by myself, but a bunch of folks jumped up and sang it with me.  I was happily surprised.

I knew the place for this whiskey tasting would be at a karaoke bar, but I didn't know there would be Souther Salazar artwork everywhere.  He had painted murals on many of the walls.  I've enjoyed his artwork for a while, but didn't know he was living and contributing to the art community in Portland.  So again, I enjoyed a fun surprise.  I really had a great night.  What happy surprises have you experienced when you've gone out?


  1. seems like you are having fun:) Wow hes murals are amazing:)

    1. Yes, it was great. I really enjoyed it. I agree. I love Souther's murals too.


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