Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Paper Flower Cutting for My Little Niece

My little 3 year old niece knows I can cut and make pretty things for her, so sometimes she pops up out of the blue and requests some art from me.  Once, it was a picture of herself.  Another time, it was a green pig.  This time, she brought a piece of blue paper and requested a flower.

When I had a moment, I made a paper cutting flower with the blue paper.  I decided it looked a little plain, so I gave it a silly smiley face.  Then I decided it needed just a little bit more of something, so I added a pink paper back to it.

The cute, friendly paper flower made me smile and chuckle to myself.  I brought it to my little niece.  I asked, "Do you like it?"  She took it and nodded.  "What do you think of it?"  I asked her.

"It's a lollipop flower."  She said with a big smile.  I enjoyed her answer, smiling with her.  She let me take some photos of her with the paper cutting flower.  I think she is quite photogenic, don't you?  So what shall we name this smiley face flower?  Do you have any ideas? 


  1. She is cute:) How about Lillypop?:)

    1. Thanks, Micu! I like "lillypop"! Heheheheeee! You came up with a good one!

  2. What an adorable niece you have and she is a great model for your paper art!!! I hope my parcel has arrived? Hope you are well and I will see you very soon. ManonX

    1. Thank you, Manon. Yes, it has. Thank you so much! What a wonderful surprise!


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