Thursday, May 15, 2014

Graphic Design & Illustration for Beauty Product Packaging in Vintage Milk Bottles

Product packaging is one place where graphic design is in demand, so I decided to create some samples of product packaging.  Previously, I had fun creating the packaging design for a juice box called, "Juice Jazz".  This time, I had fun creating the design for the packaging of a line of beauty products. 

For "Milk Bath", I got to illustrate the background with my drawings of pretty patterns.  I also had fun designing the layout and choosing the typography to communicate something fun and sweet to soften your skin.  

Of course, I had to put the labels on vintage milk bottles in Photoshop and when I had finished that, I also had to add the liquid in the bottles.  I imagined the "Milk Bath" smelling super yummy and slipping into a warm bath surrounded by the scent.  That gave me the idea to make a fun advertisement with them. 

If this were a real beauty product, what would you think of it?  Would you like to soak in a bath that softened your skin? What scent would you like best?


  1. I love the packaging maybe the "M" is a tiny bit hard to read. I would love tangerine or mango:)

    1. Thank you, Micu. Yeah, that M is pretty crazy. Oooooh, yeah, mango would be yummy too.


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