Sunday, February 16, 2014

Portrait Art Project With Children (My Nieces & Nephew)

Since I'm with my nieces and nephew, I am now doing weekly art projects with them.  We got this idea from the wonderful Hannah's Art Club which has some amazing art projects to do with children. I found creating these 1/2 portrait was fun and easy, yet challenging enough for even an adult like myself.  The idea is to take 1/2 a photo of yourself and then draw the other half. As you can see from the results below, it was a lot of fun for a 3 year old and all the way up to my old age.  Have you ever tried this?  Would you if you haven't?

Leela, age 3.  Self portrait.

Jared, age 7.  Self portrait.

Ellie, age 10. Self Portrait.

Melissa, me.  Self portrait.

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  1. i would definitely try this if I had any kids around but I dont:( This is such an awesome idea!!


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