Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Paper Cutting Veggie Head Art Project With Children Inspired by Giuseppe Arcimboldo

My weekly art project with my nieces was again inspired by one on Hannah's Art Club which was inspired by the Italian artist, Giuseppe Arcimboldo.  He painted portraits of people with vegetables, fruits and flowers, so we did the same by paper cutting vegetables and fruits and assembling them into heads---veggie heads!  

Leela's veggie head paper cutting. Age 3.

Ellie's veggie head from paper cutting.  Age 10.

My veggie head created from paper cutting fruits and vegetables. 

My niece thought they looked like monsters.  And I guess they sort of do.  We had a lot of fun as we assembled our veggie  heads, laughing at our strange, monster creatures.  I also got very hungry from looking at all the delicious fruits and vegetables.  Have you ever made art from food?  Were you able to make it before you ate it?

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  1. oh, this is so much fun! you should definitely host workshops for kids!!! I don really do art from food, I prefer art that stays longer:)


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