Sunday, February 23, 2014

Creating a Lego Brick Shirt: Hipster Lego in Headphones Shirt

The screen printing company, Brick Shirts, run by my older brother, hired me to create and design this hipster Lego tee shirt.  He gave me some images of what he wanted the shirt to look like and I pinned them up on an inspiration board to figure out what to do.  

After soaking in the inspiration, I drew a quick sketch.  Once it was approved, I created the finished design in Adobe Illustrator.  I had to separate the colors so it would be ready to screen print.  My brother really liked it and went ahead and printed the tee shirts.  

Below you can see my process and me wearing the shirt after it was printed.  It was a fun job.  Soon, I may do a few more tee shirt designs for him.  The real success of the design will be tested in how many sales it makes. Wish us luck in it being well received by Brick Shirt customers.

Lego Brick Shirt inspiration.

The sketch for the Lego Brick Shirt design.

The final image created in Adobe Illustrator before it goes to be printed.

Me in the printed Hipster Lego in Headphones Brick Shirt.

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  1. ah now I understand:) This lego guy is soo COOL!!! I am sure he will sell many-many T-shirts:))


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