Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Art Project with Children Inspired by Piet Mondrian

My little nieces, nephew and I have been doing more art projects together.  This painting project was inspired by Netherlands artist, Piet Mondrian, and Hannah's Art Club which has many great ideas for art projects with children.  

First we added tape to our heavy card stock paper, then we painted it with primary colors and black. Finally, we let it dry and we peeled off the tape.  

Unfortunately, we used tape that stuck a little too much, so some of the paper ripped off when we peeled it off.  If you do this project, definitely, get some painter's tape so it won't rip your paper.

Leela, age 3, chose where to place the tape and what colors to paint.

Jared, age 7, wanted to rip off the tape as soon as he
finished painting, but we waited until it dried.

Ellie, age 10, was meticulous about the tape and color placing.

My painting tried to pay homage to Mondrian while doing something a little different.

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