Monday, April 15, 2013

Custom Cut Paper Art Under the Sea Thank You Cards

One of my regular clients asked me to make some custom thank you cards for her.  She just had a birthday and wanted to send a very special thank you to the friends and family who had given her gifts and who had helped her celebrate.  Of course, I wanted to help her thank them!  I asked her if she wanted a particular theme for the thank you cards.  She picked, "Under the Sea".  I love the sea and marine animals, so this was a lot of fun to come up with 5 cut paper art designs.  

Work in progress of the mermaid cut paper art thank you card was the first design I created.

Of course, I thought of a mermaid and a vintage sailing ship as my first design!  Now, I wanted to make this a clever card that didn't just fold open and shut, so I came up with the idea of having a top and bottom half that interlock like puzzle pieces.  The top half is the part that says thank you and when you slip it out of the bottom half which is a pocket, you have a blank space to write your thank you message.

Mermaid cut paper art thank you card interlocks and comes apart like a puzzle with a top and bottom half.

Octopus and submarine cut paper art thank you card with a clever pocket to hold the thank you message.

5 different "Under the Sea" cut paper art thank you cards includes an octopus and submarine,
a seal and coral, a sea horse and coral, a crab and sea weed, and finally, a mermaid and vintage ship.

"Under the Sea" cut paper art thank you cards were a big hit with my client.

I created an original cut paper art card and then make copies of each one so my client had enough thank you cards for all her friends and family.  When she received them, she said I had out done myself!  That's what I try to do---keep coming up with clever cards!  Do you still send thank you cards?  Do you  feel extra appreciated when you receive them?


  1. Wow, those are beautiful,Melissa! And yes, I love to send thank you notes; sometimes by email I must admit, but the real thing is definitely nicer.

  2. Thanks so much, Ann. Yes, I agree. A real one is so much nicer.

  3. Michele Pacey wrote, "You really did outdo yourself Melissa. She must be so pleased with these. Who should be thanking who here, I'm wondering! :) "

    Michele, sorry I accidentally rejected your comment. Slip of the finger--oh no! I really appreciate your kind words. Thank you so much!!!

  4. these are wonderful:)) we don't really have a culture of sending "thank you" cards here,in Hungary. the first time I met with this form of saying thank you was when I was in Texas. I wonder how this is in other countries besides the U.S...

  5. Hello Lukacsym, thanks for commenting. I like hearing about customs of other cultures. Thanks for letting me know. Yes, I too wonder what other countries do. What do you do yourself or in Hungary to thank people?


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