Monday, November 19, 2012

Making Paper-Mâché Gingerbread Men Christmas Ornaments: DIY Art Project

I've never actually made paper-mâché Christmas ornaments until now.  With all the new paper-mâché techniques and recipes I've been learning in the last few months, I thought I'd try them on some gingerbread men Christmas ornaments.   Here's the work in progress of this art project.  I meticulously handcrafted them and now they're finished.  Each is one of a kind and in my handcrafted Etsy shop.

I cut out cardboard gingerbread men shapes and smoothed paper mache paste all over them.
After they dried, I cut out some heavy card stock paper for the details like mustaches and dresses.

Next, I added many layers of gesso paste which is a combination of powdered marble, joint compound
and Elmer's glue.  When the gesso is dried, I sand the gingerbread men to make them smooth
and to bring out their details.

Painting is the step where they come to life and I have to figure out the color scheme.
Sometimes, this is difficult for me to figure out and I end up painting over parts with different colors.  

I really like how these paper mache gingerbread men ornaments turned out.

All 4 paper mache gingerbread Christmas ornaments are in my Artist in LA LA Land shop and ready to purchase.


Nice to hear from you. I always appreciate you sharing your ideas and thoughts with me. Thank you.


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