Friday, November 2, 2012

Illustration Friday: SHY about LOVE, Retro Vintage, Burlesque Dancer Paper Puppet

Here's a paper puppet I created for Valentine's Day earlier this year.  It's a burlesque dancer who is a bit shy about revealing all her love.  She's coy and shy, hiding behind her fans.  But eventually she'll reveal all her love.  I dusted her off to participate in this week's Illustration Friday topic which is SHY.

Burlesque Dancer Paper Puppet by Artist in LA LA Land is SHY about LOVE.
It's today's Illustration Friday Topic.

Burlesque Dancer paper puppet will eventually reveal all her love.
Valentine paper puppet by Artist in LA LA Land.


  1. This is just super sweet, innovative and simply lovely :)

  2. Wow, she is quite gorgeous (despite her shyness)!

  3. Remind me of vintage paper dolls. Very beautiful!

  4. Ah, thanks for commenting and your kind words, Minh, Michele and Natalie! Hope you're doing well and having fun.


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