Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pop Up Art Circus Animal Decor by Djeco for Children & Adults

I love circus animals with their exotic beauty and untamed danger, but these pop up, paper art circus animals are as tame as they come.  They won't bite you.  They're made by my favorite toy company, Djeco.

Elephant Circus Animal Pop Up, Paper Art Decor would be great for children and adults.

Lion, pop up, paper art, decor is humane taxidermy that would make any room more fun.

Tiger, pop up, paper art decor is as exciting as circus animals come.

They'll add some fun and excitement to any room you add them too. I'm amazed at the many layers of pop up magic they have.  The colors and shapes make them fun enough for children, but sophisticated enough for adults.  As a pop up art lover, I give them two thumbs way up!

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