Monday, May 21, 2012

Art Projects & What's On My Desk: Pop Up Card Personalized With Moose

This week's art projects on my desk have to do with making a pop up card personalized with a moose.  Through Etsy, I was contacted by a woman who liked my Lion Pop Up Birthday Card, but wanted to know if I had one with a moose.  I didn't so I offered to make one for her.  She said that would be great because she wanted to give it to a friend whose nickname was Moose.  Below you can see my work in progress and the finished pop up card that I personalized with a Moose.

The pop up card starts out with me sketching a moose.

I'll paint the moose and the log he'll jump over, so I trace these pop up elements so I can transfer them to my painting paper.

Here, I've painted the moose and log and I'm starting to cut them out.

Finally, I scanned them into my computer, made a woodland background with some woodland animal friends, and printed and assembled the pop up card.

The woman really liked how the pop up card personalized with the moose turned out.  That makes it all worth it when my work has satisfied my client.  You can view more photos of the pop up card at this link like the outside of the card.  And if you need a pop up card personalized or any other kind of greeting card, let me know what you're thinking of and chances are I'll be able to help you.


  1. wow, nice! i used to love pop up books as a kid. the lion one is great, too! :) so much stuff on your blog -- i need to get back into the bloggy world eventually.

  2. Hey Davin, thanks for popping by and commenting. Yeah, I've been posting quite frequently now. Hope you're doing well and thanks again for visiting the old blog here.

  3. Chock full of moosey goodness!!

  4. Ah, thanks, Dylan. Hope you're doing well.

  5. That came out really nice. Isn't it awesome how out of the blue someone needed you to draw a moose? I mean, why else would you think to draw a moose, if someone didn't ask? Also the card itself came out super sweet. It reminds me of 50s era paper cut out illustrations like those of Charles Harper, but with a little rendering on the animals to give depth.

    Well done!


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