Monday, April 16, 2012

Vintage Inspired Artwork of San Francisco's Double Parlour

Double Parlour is the name of the husband and wife art team, Ernie & Cassandra Velasco, who create incredible vintage inspired artwork.  They found me on Facebook, oh-so-many years ago, and it was love at first sight of their amazing art.  I especially love their one of a kind art doll sculptures.  All their work seems like it's from the past, but with a wonderful modern twist.  I asked them for an interview to share with you on the Artist in LA LA Land Blog and they very kindly accepted.  Below are their responses.  Enjoy and make sure you check out more of their work at their website and online store.

1--Tell us a little bit about you and how you came to selling and making vintage inspired art & toys.  
Ernie & Cassandra Velasco also known as Double Parlour.
My husband and I started our art business, Doubleparlour, in November 2007. It all started with a series of paintings we made together and listed on Etsy. From there, we have branched out to making resin and polymer clay sculptures, prints, illustrations and t-shirts. We sell our work on-line (Etsy), in art galleries and at craft fairs and conventions.
Double Parlour booth at Craft Fairs & Conventions

2--Tell us about where you work and some of your city or surrounding cityscape/landscape. Does this location provide inspiration for you? Do you have a favorite place to visit where you live? 
Double Parlour studio at their flat in San Francisco.

Our studio is located in our home. Everything is made in our flat in the lower haight neighborhood of San Francisco. We love being able to produce artwork at our home any time we want....however, the studio that started out in one room has now taken over the whole flat! 
Malbert at the Presidio.

We have lived in San Francisco about 16 years now. The city is full of is a melting pot of ideas, art, and cultures. I like to go for long walks in different neighborhoods. It is a city that is big enough where one can feel anonymous and yet still small enough to feel intimate and comfortable. One of our favorite things to do is to visit the monthly Alameda antique is so awesome! We have found many items there to incorporate in our art or to decorate our house. 

3--What is a typical day for you? 
Cassandra drags herself out of bed at an early hour to head to her full-time job. She works on art projects and the business aspects of doubleparlour on evenings and weekends. Ernie wakes up early as well and walks across our flat to the "studio." Ernie is a full time artist, Cassandra works in the educational department at a hospital. 
4--What is your mission or philosophy that guides what you do in your shop and art? 
Milou and her pet.

Our goal in producing sculptures (or art in general) is to create interesting, moody and thoughtful characters. Usually, with underlining social or psychological commentary. We constantly challenge ourselves and try to improve our techniques with the materials we use. With our business, we place an emphasis on good customer service (fast shipping, lots of thank you's, appreciation gifts). Also, we express a warm appreciation for all the great customers and fellow artists we have met along the way.

5--What is at least one lesson you’ve learned since you’ve started out on this path? It could be about business or life. 
"Oh Deer" Print.

One lesson we have learned is that it is important to pursue your dreams. I know, so cliche, but true....being able to make art that people are drawn to and appreciate is wonderful.

6--What are lessons that you still believe you need to learn? 

"The Traveller" Print.

I think we could definitely learn to be better organized, from a business perspective....keeping up with bookkeeping, inventory counts, and our schedule of deadlines.

7--How do you stay connected with your audience?  
"Pinic" one of a kind art doll sculpture.

We stay connected through social media- Flickr, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. People also find us through Etsy or our website. Locally, we connect with our audience at gallery shows, craft fairs and conventions.

8--Did you have a community or people who helped you get your start as an artist and vender? 
"Devil Mae Gang" one of a kind art doll sculptures.

Tell us a little about them and how they helped you. allowed us to connect with and sell to people all over the world. We have shipped to collectors all over the world....including Asia, Canada and Europe.

9--How do you spend time when you are not working? 
We like to collecting art, graphic novels, vinyl records and antiques. Also, we enjoy wondering around the city, sleeping in, dinner parties, road trips, hanging out with family and NPR.

10--What is your favorite vintage item and why?
Double Parlour's favorite vintage item; an admiral record player.

Our favorite item currently is a Admiral record is so cool! We got it from an antique store in Sonoma.

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