Monday, November 7, 2011

Art Dolls You Can't Hold, But You Can Love

Art Doll Frida KahloArt Dolls Sylvie (with black swan) and VictoriaAutomatonEnchanted DollNew BodyLittle Bell - art doll by Anna Zueva
0_c6e9_eac774e2_origBabette the Beastly BeautyLost Lenore - Ghost Art DollCyrilElizaprimitive folk art woodland fox doll
Nornew patotatroupeCatianemargeaux&seraphine
I'm so in love with the amazing art dolls that are being made. They look like toys, but you cannot play with them. Some are sexy. Others are scary. But all of these that I found on Flickr are amazing. Be sure to click on each owner's account to find more of their amazing creations.

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